Vocal: Computer synthesized voice
Words, Music, All Instruments & Vocal arrangement, synthesizing, recording © 2006 Nguyen Duc Tri Tam

Life rushes by nonchalantly
But at times, it’s too much for me
Can’t leave feelings behind
To find peace of mind
I have long been in exile
Wishing all the while
If I could end my stay
I’d be on my way, come what may

Going home, where my childhood dreams were made
Memories never fade
Where I used to roam
I’m coming home
Where my tired body and mind would rest
And be blessed.

Senses bring back reality
And faith reassures me
Brightest days ain’t the last
Darkest nights are the past
It has been a long climb
Well worth the effort and time
I know where I long to be
But no one knows their destiny

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