Nguyễn Đức Tri Tâm

Vocal: Computer Synthesized Voice
Words, Music, All Instruments & Vocal Arrangement, Synthesizing, Recording
© 2007 Nguyen Duc Tri Tam
I see people
Have a good time being free
I see them live
In peace and harmony
I feel their love
Reaching out through the air
Bringing hope
And joy for all to share
They just come and leave
It’s a vision, you’d say
I’m gonna believe
Someday they will stay
I see children
Learn and play, eat and grow
They cheer and laugh
Let their affections show
They live everyday
Like there’s no tomorrow
No hunger
Homelessness, nor sorrow
They just come and go
It’s a vision, you’d say
I’m gonna believe
It will come true one day

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